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BCTI - Business Computer Training Institute
BCTI Business Computer Training Institute Receiving Poetic Justice Ethical compromises, sex offenders in night time classrooms with female instructors, falsigying federal documents ripoff, Tacoma, Lacey

I was employed by BCTI. I worked at two locations during my employment. I have witnessed many problems that would lead me to consider the school an amazingly well orchestrated rip-off, at the very least. During one particular situation in which I was involved, school officials were notified that a ...

BCTI (Business Computer Training Institute)
BCTI Business Computer Training Institute Evildoing, Misrepresenting, and Wrongdoing company facing Class Action Lawsuit and federal charges, Ripoff!

The great thing about life is, those who do wrong to you, and others, eventually get their just reward. Its ALL about karma. Although I must admit this little bit of karma is A LONG time coming. However nonetheless it is here. BCTI is being sued for over $50,000.00 by the management company who ...