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Ripoff/scam Internet

I got sucked into buying the trial vials from PRIMEGRAfor $6.95-so I thought. Now I have noticed payments of $56.90 being taken out of my account for the past several months. I have wanted to contact them to find out what that is all about, but the only way to say anything to tha company is to go to the REPORT SPAM link on the ...

Ripoff fraudulent billing Miami

I send for the free sample they charge my debit card and did not send the sample, i send an email to them and they sent the sample two months after they charged my account. After that i sent an email for them to cancle my account, they did not cancle they billmy account $56.60 and send me one shipment with two bottles, i tried ...

Primegra WEB
Ripoff, deducting funds from my checking account without authorization, cannot find an area on their website to cancel them. How did they get my bank info?

Primegra withdrew funds from my checking account on two occasions, the last amount was 56.90. Cannot figure out how they got access to my account. There is no place on their website to ask them to discontinue taking funds out of my account or cancel any orders they have made. I can't use this stuff and I haven't received any ...

Primegra ripoff took my money after I cut it off, and cheated me for my refund, I'm still waiting for my refund of seven days, two months ago

It started after the second order. I asked them to close my account on november of 2003, but they kept charging me and sending me shipments. That's after the first two shipments when I cancelled my account. I didn't want them to charge me anymore. When I finally talked to someone, they told me I just had to wait and they would ...

Ripoff Largo Florida

I ordered primegra as a joke to see if it would work or not. After 6.95 and a couple weeks later I received my package. I didn't find a number to call or email address in the package. I saw that it said on the web site terms that if you don't unsubscribe in two weeks they will send you another shipment of primegra at 59.95. I ...