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ESBI Solo Comm VmmonthlyFee, Integretel Comm
ESBI Solo Comm Vm monthlyFee, Integretel Comm www.integretel Verizon added these bills to their bill and I thught it was part of their company bill. Levittown Pa

I received a letter from Verizon that that my phone service would be disconnected because I didn't pay these esoteric phone bills that they send with their regular, monthly bills because I thought these were Verizon's charges. One day I read my phone and noted that they weren't part of Verizon's biill. I called the ESBI comm. ...

OSP Communications
Phone scam

I'm just another one of the many to nearly be scammed by OSP Communications for a collect call that I did not receive. I finally got the charges reversed back to OSP by Verizon after the Verizon long distance service person was unable to reach OSP after forty plus minutes, while I was on hold and she would check periodically. ...