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I signed up for a free trial of Dazzlewhite. Like all of the other reports on this website I was told I had a free trial period, just pay $1.95 shipping and handeling. I called to cancel the same day I received the product and I was still charged $58.76. They did eventually credit my account for the $58.76 after I express ...

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Mom's White teeth story a big scam! No such thing as a FREE TRIAL!

Don't fall for the "FREE TRIAL" products from this teeth whitening company or from any company, especially if they ask for a credit card to charge you only for the shipping costs! I had this happen to me and both companies, Dazzle White and Smile Brite kept charging me for monthly membership fees to other companies like a ...

Dazzle White
Insinsive Insider Secrets Tips, Comprehesive Weightloss Programs Dazzlewhite is scam! Dont buy anything from these people-Beware of sisterb companies Des Moines

I was stupid enough to sign up for a free trial of Dazzlewhite. They tell you that the terms and conditons advised that after the 14 day trial, you would be charged for future monthly supplies. 58.76 was charged to my bank account. Call 866-989-2686. Tell them that you are filing a fraud report unless they will refund your ...