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White Overnight

This is a sorry company, I checked out there product on line just looking a woman called me a few days later and gave me what she said was the free trial offer for $4.95 she explained the terms to me and if after reciving and tring the product I liked it I than would be charged 2 more payments but ...


I have never ordered anything from this company and somehow they have charged my account 4.95 on may 30,2006, then I see they have two holds on my account on 5-31-06 for 16.95 and 59.95. Dozens of attempta to cal and multiple emails have gone unreturned. I have contacted my bank to see what they ...


I participated in an online survey regarding whiteovernite where it offered me free samples of the product for cost of only shipping amount of $3.95. After filling out the form, and before hitting the "submit" button on the bottom of the page, I hit my back browser, read the Terms and ...