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United Cash Loans
I did sign a contract and did not read all of the "fine print." However, how can a company legally charge so much interest on a 300 dollar loan?

I can provide more details in a future report, but, at this time, my bank account is being debited random amounts of money every Friday as a result of a 300 dollar loan taken out in November, 2008. This problem has ruined me financially, and my bank has told me that I cannot reverse this electronic ...

United Cash Loans
Huge Scam Still pulling money out of account months after debt was paid. Cashing no signature required checks after I cut off there direct withdrawl

I had needed a little extra cash one time back in like april. I had never done any type of advance cash, payday loan or anything before. This site looked the most legit and I had spoke to them over the phone. They had a payment schedule, and a payoff amount. Taking like 90 dollars out of my account ...