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What a deal dvd never order anything from this scam site. TOTAL RIP OFF! No Listing Online For Any Address Another Red Flag

Placed an order for 1980's amazing stories, 2 seasons 45 episodes on 6 dvds. I knew something was up as no one has season 2 anywhere except this planetdvd store. The # 1 season that others sell fits onto 8 dvds alone, thats 20 episodes. How the hell does 2 seasons, 45 episodes fit onto 6 dvds? That ...

Planet Dvd
Piss poor quality of dvds

The dvds I received from this company were not a good quality dvd at all, the picture quality sucked the audio wasn, t that great and the dvds themself were hand written on. The packaging was also poor, the dvds were suppose to be in order which I believe where not. The pictures looked they copied ...