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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Newsletter RipOff - Never received but my checking account is debited monthly!

I watched an infocomercial and ordered two books from Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures and subscribed to their monthly newsletter. I was to receive the newsletter on a monthly basis. The books came but the newsletter never showed. After the second billing I called and talked to their IT service team who walked me through a couple ...

Naturalcures Newsletter By Kevin Trudeau
When you accept something for free it's not! Monetary funds subtracted from your account without knowledge

Ladies and gentleman read your monthly bank statements. Boy, did I learn the hard way! Recently, my account was brought to my attention due to a charge of $9.95 since November 13,2007. The way it happened could happen to anyone. Eight months ago I ordered Kevin Trudeau's books on natural cures. It was on an infomercial and when ...

Kevin Trudeau
Newsletter Ripoff

A few months ago, I ordered some Kevin Trudeau books while watching his infomercial. During the ordering process, I was asked if I wanted to subscribe to the newsletter. I told them I did NOT want the newsletter. Yesterday, while checking my bank account, I noticed they were taking $9.95 a month for a newsletter. I did not ...