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Paid $34.95 for unlimited lifetime to limewire on 8/30/2008. Added memory to computer lost lime wire can't get it back on 0n Website

I ordered limewire unlimited for lifetime on 8/30/2008. Pd $34.95 on credit card. Added new memory 4/1409. After turning computer back on limewire would not come back up. I have tried over to add it, find my account. Limewire would not let be back in without paying gor it again. I would like to have limewire back or get a ...

Lime Wire
Lime Wire unusable and unreachable Internet

In Feb. I paid for a year subscription to LimeWIRE pro for my kids. Everytime I try to download it it says there are problems. I have tried to contact LimeWime with no avail. I was given a number to reach them, but no one answer and you can't leave a message. I have the compformation e-mail still. If anyone can help please let ...

LimeWire - Chkcardnet
Limewire ripoff

I placed an order for a membership with LimeWire and couldn't access the account for music downloads. I immediately come to consumer complaints and saw that it was a scam experienced by others, I called my bank Wells Fargo and they credited my account and closed it to reissue me another card, they didn't get me! Thank you ...

Limewire Pro
I purchased limewire pro 2 days ago on prepaid credit card and did not recieve my producti gave them my email address when i regestered. I recieved an email from my credit card stating the charge but limewire dosent recognize my email Brampton

I purchased limewire pro on the internet on monday september 1. I went out to get a prepaid credit card so i could purchase this because i love music, the program was 49.99 plus taxes. So i filled out the registration form gave them my email address and then confirmed it. Today is wednesday 2 days later ive been trying many ...

Internet provider nationwide

I was trying to purchase limewire and had to provide a credit card in order to get the service downloaded but during the process for some reason I was charged but never was able to get the service downloaded to my computer. I have searched everywhere to try and get in contact with them but have had no luck. When I tryed to get ...