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Just Brakes
Ripoff fraudelnt

I warn everyone in the Orlando area, STAY FAR, FAR AWAY FROM JUST BRAKES!!! They get customers in the door with their $99.88 advertised low price to do all four wheels IN MOST CASES is the key word. If you drive an '05 Chevy Malibu, it's not $99.88 because of a non-stocking fee that they assess and ...

Just Brakes
Obstruction to employees

I use to work for Just brakes. I was a lead tech for one of their shops. I quite after seeing them ripe off so many customers. I also saw some illegal stuff go on. They were also allowing techs to drive customers cars around without a driver license which is against the law. ...

Just Brakes

I went to Just Brakes because I figured if they just did brakes, they should be the experts. They told me that it would only take them two hours to do the repairs on my car, so I decided to wait there. I was very happy to get my brakes put on and head down the road. My worst nightmare happened ...