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The Billing Resource And/or Brilliant Ent KaZaA Or Brilliant Digital Entertainment
Bogus charges from this company were 3rd party billed on my Verizon phone service account On Line Based

I received my Verizon phone service and DSL billing dated 07/16/09. Page one of the bill had a "Consumer Alert" for a new service provider. There was a $21.35 (total including taxes) "third party billing" charge billed for something I have never subscribed to. I contacted Verizon and they did credit my account for the charge. ...

Integretel Solutions - Agora Voice - Billing Resource
Integretel Solutions - Agora Voice - The Billing Resource Another sucker here They've been billing me for over a year Ripoff

I had not noticed this on my phone bill until this month a charge for $8.23. I called the phone company and they have been billing me this for 14 out of the last 15 months that totals 115.22 I have paid these people. I asked the phone company to stop billing me this amount but they said that because they are regulated the FCC ...

Integrete -, The Billing Resource - Horizon Telecom
Integretel - The Billing Resource - Horizon Telecom Charged me for services I did not order ripoff

Although AT&T is my long distance carrier I am being charged long distance fees from Horizon Telecom under the Billing Resource of my AT&T phone bill. This started two months ago and I am still tring to have this resolved. Apparently I was "slammed" by Horizon Telecom (according to AT&T), I know I never ordered long distance ...