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BankCard Empire
BankCard America, Mislead me about the opportunity, they said is a scam and that owner puts bad stuff about company if you dont pay them off. Arizona

I spoke with a salesman Walter Winfield who explianed the opportunity. He asked me to call him back asap at 877-694-2274. I told him I was going to reseach the company on and he immediatly told me that people who don't pay them get negative feedback about their company (I know ...

Bank Card Empire
Lied and cheated me, after I changed my mind and contacted them to cancel before they took my payment and they still processed it anyways Internet

I got the call just like others, promising easy money, easy work and they even took the start up fee from $450 to $150. So my thought, is well they must really think I can make some money, it all sounded so easy but I guess thats saying, if it sounds too good to be true it is. I had agreed to go ...