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Anyone can reactivate canceled cards

Capital One allows merchants to reactivate canceled credit cards and make charges to the card. My Story.. After April of 2007 I canceled a credit card. Near the end of the year I began to have issues with a infomercial scam I had gotten suckered into. I called on December 14 to confirm that the card was canceled several ...

Capital One Auto Finance
Follow up on Report #289338 wherein it's said that Capital One repossed the vehicle of the person who was extended a car loan by Capital One Internet

How could ANY bank can reposses a vehicle if a carload is not paid? It's not that Capital one had a lien on this person's vehicle, unlike the case when you finance a vehicle thru a dealer, so to say that they could re-posses the vehicle? I mean, Capital One approved an autoload and sent a blank check to the person so that the ...