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Capital One
Credit card fraud Worldwide

Long may "08 I applied for and recieved a credit card from capital one prior to moving 300 miles. I finalized my divorce in July and had my maiden name september I recieved a statement for a capital one account stating that my bill was past due by two months and over the limit. I was outraged since two ...

Capital One
Unreasonable Account Restrictions

In August, 2008 I applied for a credit card with Capital One. I received correspondence from them requesting me to mail them a copy of my Social Security Card and Drivers license, since they could not verify my information. Since I still had a limited credit history, I accepted the request as reasonable and mailed the ...

Capital One
Capital One should be shut down

Capital One should be fined, closed or held accountable in some way, for their business ethics. I applied for a card online in May, was approved and didn't think much more about it. I actually hadn't thought about it at all until I saw on my other credit card that Capital One had paid the amount I had requested. But I had not ...