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No hassle?

Capital One says there is a problem with my mail. Huh? What? Go to my post and ask they why I receive every other piece of mail with the exception of your Capital One statement? Yes, this is what I was told by a rep. I never signed up for email statments. I still like getting the paper bill. This is a total scam. They don't ...

Capital One

A little known fact: You can change your "Over the limit" policy by simply calling an automated 800 number. By default, your Capital One card allows you to charge slightly over your credit limit however, you will be assessed an overlimit fee. You can change the default setting so that most overlimit charges will be declined. ...

Capital One
What's Not in Your Wallet?

Email address: This problem is 2 fold. First since 2004 I have been getting a notice from a collection agency that I owe Capital One $900.00 on a credit card I never had any knowledge of. The balance owed keeps climbing (it's up to $1,400.00 now), I get the dunning notice once a year. I challenged this and asked for a copy of ...