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Capital One Credit Card
Where's my refund?

I recently refinanced my mortgage. When doing so I included a personal loan balance to be paid off by my lender to Capital One. My bank issued a cashiers check for the balance to be paid in full along with a statement for my Capital One personal loan. But, instead of Capital One applying it to my personal loan they applied it ...

Capital One Credit Caard
Capital One Changes the Minimum Due without Notifying Customers, then Charging a Late Fee for Not Paying Enough. Las Vegas, Nevada

I pay my Capital One bill online. I am very good about paying, I don't want to mess up my credit anymore than the economy has already done. I haven't worked in over a year, so regretfully, I have been paying the minimum. I don't enter an amount, I just click on "pay minimum". Today I got a notice in the mail stating I was a ...

Capital One Bank, USA
Capital One Bank: Alleged Credit Card RipOff, False Advertising, Bad Faith, Breach of Contract Cities And States In USA, At Least

About November 2005, Capital One Bank issued me a immediate promotions, they said my credit report would be raised from $1,000 to $1,500 if I made my first three payment on time. There were NO QUALIFICATIONS other than making my first three payments on time. My first three payment were on time, as were many ...

Capital One Auto Finance
Harship Program is not really harship don't attempt it unless you have little debt and at least 1500 a month coming in accodring to Rep

So mny step son was diagnosed with a major medical condition which resulted in a number of trips from our hometown to another city with the hospital who specializes in his condition. This along with medications resulted in my falling behind with the car payments. Each time Cap 1 called I explained my situation and was told ok ...