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Capital One
Ripoff victimized many consumers

I just applied for a mortgage and Capital One showed up on my credit report. Huh? This secured account which was terminated back in 2000 when my amount due was not even as much as my little $200 deposit. Now I have a $483 balance. Are these people insane or what? Needless to say I am furious. From what I have seen on this ...

Capital One
Blackmail Fraudulent Practices Closed Account 8 months later trying to charge me for late fee plus absorbent interest

Essentially I shut my accont with Money One since I had been being billed these large late charges ($25.00) nevertheless when I named Capital One first my cost (since it would go to their g. E. Container) should of been published late due to the wait in collection and therefore payment so this is exactly why I had been billed a ...

Capital One
Ripoff New Jersey

I opened a Capital One account before a vacation to have for emergencies. It sounded like a pretty good deal, no annual fees low APR, and since I had spotty credit the $200 limit was a good way for me to establish new good credit. This all started May of June I received the card. Just in time. I had no problems the ...