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Paul Isenberg Can You Believe?

Paul Isenbergs latest Gaffs' Vehicle Navigation systems are Not accurate Because they work Off satellites! If we cannot repair it' get used to it, It's a Volkswagen! Volkswagen stopped Trunks fully Opening via The Remote as they had reportedly been hitting People in the face! I think he and Mitt went to the same Snake Oil ...

Suntrust Bank
Overdraft Scams

Suntrust has ripped me off for the last time! I make sure that I watch my account & balance it, along with the Suntrust Banking Application for my phone. I was aware that I would receive one overdraft fee, due to a check. They have decided to rearrange my account & have charged me "FIVE" overdraft fees & was only suppose to ...

Middletown, RI DMV
Less Chit Chat

Was in the DMV, expected to be there for hours but the wait was extra long. Have seen this person work at this DMV forever now and no one must be managing/watching her because she chit chats with customers and co - workers to no end and ONLY when the conversation is at a lull does she begin to actually process. You can tell ...