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My name is Raffi Varjabedian and I have an account (ending in 9276) with Verizon. I had some international calls between July 25 to August 2 to Yerevan, Armenia. When I got the statement I was charged over $150 for those calls which if I had used a calling card would have cost me $20. I called customer service and disputed the ...

Horrible permit test question

This is one of a few that were beyond dumb for a permit test. I missed one off so as you might tell im fucking pissed, but one question in particular made me livid. This question asks if its illegal to smoke (cigarettes) in a car with a minor. I answered no but it apparently is yes. Let me first start off with the fact that ...


I got FIOS installed on Jan 26,2013. I received my first bill and was $100 over what was quoted. I emailed at least 10 times to Mr. Sullivan office to correct. Was referred to D. Terry who was worthless. I canceled my service on Feb 23rd, returned all the equiptment. Today I get another bill even higher than the last one. I ...

Be Aware

I went threw Central Refrigerated`s trucking school in Fontana CA. And after only having 1:45 min. Of behind the wheel training I got my CDL and was sent OTR as a co-driver. Do you feel your life is at risk with a driver like that going down the road with 80,000lbs and you are driving alone with your wife and kid? ...