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National magazine exchange
Jacpot scam maga

I’m getting letters for a $520, 000 winning prize on June 11, 2020 it pays out $10, 000 week for 52 weeks from this company out of Clearwater Florida phone number is 1-800-396-2637 and PO Box 9084, Clearwater, FL 33758–9084 Id given to me (ID# 52041833) I never signed up nor inquired about this company “National magazine ...

N. M. E National Magazine Exchange
N. M. E. Company states they will give you dimond watches and free gas voucers, vacations etc. For buying magazines the more you buy the more they rip you off as soon as they get your cc. Then they always refus

After studying the background of this company they have over 146,000 complaints anybody that gets caught in there trap needs to report the scam to your credit card co. As soon as possible, then send them a certified letter to remove you from there mailling list and advise them not to contact you at your home by telephone. Then ...

NME - National Magazine Exchange From CLearwater Florida
They been take money out of my bank account. When i called them and told why are they takeing money from when i don't have any magazine from them they keep tell me it takes 6 weeks for tht magazine to

National magazine exchange, is takeing money out of my account. I called them and ask them why. Cause i haven't got any magazine. They told me it will be 6 weeks. Its been over and pass 6 weeks. No magazine, but they take money from my account. I even told them to cancel it, they said it on its way. And still no magazine. Can ...