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PFC Payment Solutions
Ungodly fees, unfulfilled promises and delays, surprise charges, and hard-to-reach, pushy customer service with strong-arm tactics to keep me from leaving

I travel a lot and recently had a chance to go over our statements from the past few months. Imagine my surprise to discover lots of hidden costs and fees. (I suppose if we did a huge amount of business, this might not be a problem, but on a slow month, we had 50% of our deposits going to charges, sometimes more.) Getting ahold ...

Wells Fargo Merchant Services
Froze deposits from authorized transactions without notification, even with documentation will not release funds

I am a small service based business in Colorado using Wells Fargo Merchant Services. Our income comes mainly from member fees charged monthly on credit cards. We held a conference and charged fees for attendance. We charged attendees credit cards, but on Feb 17 Wells Fargo froze the deposits. Clients' money came out of their ...

Suntrust Merchant Services, LLC
Unauthorized ACH Transactions being put through on account after Customer Service Rep and Supervisor confirmed transactions would not come out until the end of the month. Suntrust presented the first

On November 5,2010 I received my monthly statement from Suntrust Merchant Services for my business, after reviewing the statement I noticed that no fees were due to come out for the month of November. I looked on page 5 of the statement and it stated "Financial charges and fees incurred but not funded during the statement ...