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A friend of mine saw the sham wow infomercial and she got charged a lot. She tried it but it didn't work so she demanded a refund How crazy! ...

Citi Bank
Will not refund my credit balance

I decided to pay off my citi card credit card with a no interest credit card. Well I sent them too much money ($2000.00) and now they keep giving me the run around and will not refund my money too me. I really needed this money to pay some other debt off. I feel like I have no way to get my money back. They have now in two days ...

Country Living Magazine
Hearst Magazines Company started billing me for a magazine subscription I never had with no way to contact them, then sent me to collections for it

A few months ago I started receiving a $10 bill from Country Living magazine for a subscription I never signed up for. I could find no way to contact them on their on their website and never received a magazine so I ignored it. Today I received a letter from Sunrise Credit Services, stating that my account was in collections ...