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Midland Credit Management, Inc. (MCM)
MCM Collection Agency At it again: MCM trying to collect a 12 years old debts which has been discharged in Bankruptcy court in 1997!

I just received a formal letter from MCM Collection Agency "offering" 40% off a my "current balance" if I paid by July 21th 2008!!! What a deal, isn't it? Well, this " current balance" of mine has been included in chapter 7 bankruptcy 11 years ago. I e-mailed the attorney who represented me for that case, and I have advised ...

Midland Credit Management, INC
Big time cons

Midland called my wife at work and told her we owed money on a bill that was paid 5 months ago and we have a letter clearing us of the charges. They claim they bought my account on agust 16,2007, 4 months after it was paid off. Talking to them is like talking to the wall you will not get any where. The best part is on september ...

Midland Credit Management
Scam scam scam ripoff

Let me tell you a little story about these type of companies. This is my second scam artist to deal with in the last two years. (let me repeat myself, SCAM artist). My first time around, it was such a mess to clean up my credit with all the letters to write, and reports to dispute. But it can be done! This time I know how to go ...