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Wells Fargo Bank
Ripoff, Overdraft Double Dipping

Thanks to a recent screw-up with my XM Radio subscription (I was charged for three months when I requested month to month billing) I was charged with $66.00 in overdrafts fees to my account. I would not even dispute the first overdraft fee for $33.00. The checkcard item was clearly overdraft by about $19. Although I have had ...

Wells Fargo Bank
Unfair fees Ripoff!

I had enough funds in my checking account to cover any outstanding checks or debit card transactions.inadvertently a charge for $100 was pending on my account. This was an error on my part. However, this charge came in after I had made the other purchases. Wells Fargo chose to pay this $100 causing me an overdraft! Therefore ...

Wells Fargo
Ripoff Potential Overdraft Scam

Firstly, I'd like to that those at consumer for this many cases large institutions rely on the inability of their customers to conjoin and discuss similar situations to determine whether broader implications exist. The internet is slowly changing that reality and websites like this one are helping. In ...

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Wells Fargo Shorted Me $100.00 On Deposit And Never Made It Right! Free Checking Account w/Many Small Hidden Charges!

WELLS FARGO'S FEES AND CHARGES: I have noticed several $1.00 check card activity charges that should not apply since there is no one that should be charging me these fees. Where are these comming from...? I have been noticing a $5.00 monthy service fee when I was told this account was free and is why I opened it...!!?? A $6.95 ...