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Hsbc - Retail Services
Bowflex They are trying to say that I was late on a payment and I never have been. They held back one of my checks and said that I was late

I bought a bowflex in november of february of 2008 they said that I missed a payment. I went to the bank and had them print out copies of my checks that went through and faxed them to bowflex and they sent me a letter saying that they were sorry and that they would straighten it out. Then they claimed that I was late ; ...

HSBC Retail Services, Mitsubishi Credit, Tweeters
HSBC Retail Services, Mitsubishi, Tweeters Beware of promotional offers not being honored! P. O. Box 60107P. O. Box 60107, City Of Industry, Wilmington

I purchased a Mitsubishi HDTV at Tweeter's in the Woodlands, TX in January of this year (2008) taking advantage of an advertised 12 month no money down, no interest no payments promotion. (This is actually the 2nd TV I'd purchased from them, the first several years ago & using the same type promotional offer — which I'd paid ...

Hsbc Retail Services
Rude ripoff

I purchaced a gateway computer with these people, I was always on time with my payments and even added more than required each month, at one point i sent a payment of $200.00 which would of almost paid off my acct. Needless to say i didnt recieve a monthly statement but i did get a nasty phone call from a lady that couldnt even ...

Another ripped off custome

I purchased items from Oak Express and Denver Mattress in May of 2007 under the financial agreement and terms of 18 months nopayments/same as cash. HSBC illegally changed the agreement and then started charging me late fees. Since there were two purchases made on the same day within the same retail company, they changed one of ...