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Mcfarland Group
Ripped us off fraud Ripoff

Back on Febuary 2006, i had recived in the mail a green piece of paper, the had said get $5,000.00 or more in grovernment grant money. I called the number that lead me to the Mcfarland Group. The Mcfarland Group number is 866-247-0275. I called that number and they told me that in order for me to get the paper work filled out ...

Mcfarland Group

I discovered a site via the web (governmentgrants), and a few days later recieved a phone call from a man at "Mcfarland Group". Mcfarland Group promised me a mininum of $5,000.00 fom governmnet grants if I payed them $289.00, and I was DUMB and gave them the routing # to my checking account. The money was taken out on March ...

McFarland Group
Ripoff dishonest grant company

It is terrible to be going through something like this! My heart goes out to everyone who is a victim to these unethical people. I thought this was an answer to medical bills who knew it would turn out to be a fraud! Scammed for $289, my bank called it a "hard lesson learned". There is nothing they could do about it, or so they ...