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"Nikko" Mike Reichmann aka Killjoy aka Killroy aka The-Husketeers-Rescue
Another Fake Animal Rescue in KS and threats to anyone that calls him on it

Mike Reichmann aka The-Husketeers-Rescue is a psychotic fool and pedophile who trolls the internet for free animals and enjoys calling and threatening women and children who answer the phone. He called my friends 12 yr old daughter and was sexually explicit on the phone to her. She was so upset and I am not going to allow this ...

Steven, Hector and Frank, supervisor from technical support of Sprint's toll free help line SPRINT ADDS BOGUS GEGABYTES TO CUSTOMERS TO PUMP UP BILLS Overland Park

Became new Sprint Customer 1st time, in hopes to save money, from what I paid another service provider. Last night, January 30,2012, encountered what to believed was a trojan, call Sprint, owner of air time card, 800 toll free number, they put me in touch with Technical Support, Steven explained situation, checked my Sprint, ...