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Stephen Pierce Internatinal
Internet fraud

In March 2008, I purchased a program called the Product Creation Lab (PCL) from Stephen Pierce at a live event in Australia for a total of Aust$20,000 and so far, he has delivered only a minute fraction of the promised program and lots of stalling tactics and outright lies. This year, I began asking for a refund based on the ...

Lauren Bergmann I ordered from the CottonCandy Shop once & had no problems but the 2nd time I placed an order with them for a photo shoot it was h

Very disappointed. I signed my daughter up for the outfit/phot shoot pkg and had no problems. The next time I signed her up for the outfit/photo shoot I paid just like before but the photo shoot kept being postponed. Now a year later I have emailed Lauren multiple times and never receive a response. So $100 later I have no ...

Rip Off Bogus Company

I was quoted for a transmission repair for $997.32 with free tow and diagnosis. After first diagnosis, they stated they needed a deposit of $896.70 to their bank account at Bank of America. Since i already bank there, i thought i was safe. Afte the deposit, they supposedly opened up the transmission and there is more damage. ...