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Kasamba Psychics
Scam/Rip Off

Reading a report here on Rip Offs about kasamab really suprised me. For so long I thought I was being a fool. But now I see that someone else has noticed that this website is a scam. I have had readings done on kasamba and once noticed that they were taking money from my credit card without my authorization. I also recall ...

Kasamba/liveperson Fake Psychic Thieves
Kasamba/liveperson Fake Psychics/kasamba/liveperson Fake Psychic Thieves fed false hope for months on end. Nothing but internet thieves Beaverton

PLEASE, please, please DO NOT go near this site. I have wasted thousands and I am ashamed to admit it. The "psychics" here are fake and all they are interested in is stealing your hard earned cash. They are clever though... All the false hope they give is intended to keep you going back time and time again for more ...

I was sucked in to all of this

I have read many of the reports on here regarding Kasamba and it's so called experts and would like to let you know that if you are persistent you can get a refund! Even if it is not the full amount. I spent a lot of money on this site and can relate to the addiction that many of you talk about on particular i was sucked ...