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The Hearst Corporation, INVOICING BUREAU
Cosmopolitan I signed up for free offer (not magazines), informed I would be charged $15, canceled it, got charged anyway

I signed up for a free offer (not magazines). Then I was informed to receive my free offer, I'd have to pay $15 and receive 12 issues of Cosmopolitan. I didn't want to subscribe— I do not care for Cosmopolitan. So I canceled the sign-up offer. I received an invoice. I sent it back to them explaining that I canceled the sign-up ...

The Hearst Corporation
Sent Third notice invoice

The Hearst Corporation sent me a notice claiming it to be the Third invoice notice for non payment of Cosmopolitan magazine. When I order Magazines I pay up front I do not do pay later option. I know this is a scam because I have the cancelled check to prove that I have made payment also any legitimate company would have a ...