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Palmetto Marketing
Ripoff con artist

On August 7,2002 two individuals knocked on my door in Virgina Beach, Virginia. When I opened the door there was a man and women standing there, both in their younger 20's. They seemed close to my age and easy to speak to. They explained that they were selling magazine subscriptions. For each subscriptions sold they recieved ...

Palmetto Marketing, Inc
Rip offs

I was not only trying to help this poor child with getting ahead and winning a trip but whe scammed me into having my son buy this so that she can get extra points and when I tried to cancel this they refused to refund my $ because it was one day off of the three day postmark date... Well let me help you out when you put ...

Palmetto Marketing, Inc
Ripoff ripoff thieves

On June 5,2001, a very nice girl came to my door saleing magazines. I don't quit remember what she was trying to get, (but she sure got me). With her sweet self she talk me into subscribing for soome magazines. I got two subscription to Pre School Play room, for two of my granddaugthers, I paid her $64.00. It has been one year ...