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Palmetto Marketing
Ripoff, false presentation

On June 28,2004 two young gentlemen knocked on my door and presented themselves as salesmen for the PMI company and were selling magazine subscriptions. The more talkative of the 2 said he was showing the other young man the process of selling so that he could get himself established in the business. The quiet one said very ...

Palmetto Marketting Inc

One morning a young lady named Cortney Hintz of Gemini rang my bell and asked me to buy or renew magazine subscriptions. She explained, my purchase would assist her and her (girls team) beat the boys team and win a trip to Cancun, I said ok and wrote a check for $54.00 for 2 magazines on April 24,2004. I haven't received not ...


I too was ripped off by this company. I was contacted by a sales person, Bill Malone, to subscribe to some magazines. I and my wife ordered the magazines and have not seen nor heard from this company since. His supervisor (or the one in the position above him) was documented on the receipt at Dion Menett. ...