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Readers Digest Association, Inc
We continue to receive free gifts, books, etc. And receive a bill either in the box or received at a later date soon afterwards. Important... These are items that we now or never ordered or requeste

We continue to receive items in the forms of books, trinkets, cheap pens and junk none of which did we ever order or request. My wife sends them back marked refused. We continue to receive more, she has even paid for these a few times because she thought she had too, definitely not! I have done all i CAN TO STOP THIS FROM NOW ...

The Reader's Digest Association, Inc
I received two books from Readers Digest that I did not order. On the box it stated that I was receiving two free gifts. I do not want the books and don't want to order any books in the future

One month ago, I received a book from The Readers Digest Association, Inc. I had not ordered the book, and there was no bill or phone number that I could call. Today, I received another book and the package stated that I had two free gifts enclosed. Again, I had not ordered this book, and there was no bill or phone number ...

Readers digest
Readers digest is ripping me off! They sent me a "free" book saying I accepted their offer when I did not. There is no phone number to call and no address on their letter

Readers digest has sent me a "free" book saying I accepted a free offer which I did not! They also said they will be sending me future books and will be billed for them. They did not include any information to contact them to stop this order. They are ripping me off!! ...

Reader's Digest association
Reader's Digest mailed unsolicited book and worthless "gifts" and a bill with no way to tell them to stop

The scumballs at Reader's Digest mailed an unsolicited book to me along with two "Free Gifts:" a cheap plastic pen and model train car. The book was a cheaply-printed paperback collection of stories I would never want to read and was probably "condensed" by the morons at Reader's Digest who specialize in ruining literature. ...