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Phonenix Remanufactured Transmissions, Phonenix Hard Parts, Alpine Transmission Supply
Phoenix Reman / Phoenix Hard Parts / Frank Kuperman is a complete scam

I found Phoeniz reman trans on Ebay and called them. They told me I could save $100 by not using Ebay and they would give me a great warranty too! I paid for the transmission and it did not work properly nor were any new gaskets installed (which I had to do before installation). I called repeatedly for a replacement that worked ...

Pheonix Remanufactured Transmissions
Called them about core refund in september, shut down old location without $350.00 refund and no warranty that was agreed on

Do not deal with them, they change there name often to keep people off there trail, check it out, listen to others, report them to the attorney general as i did for none refund of core charge, why should they just be able to change the company name and continue to screw people, i will notifify the justice department as it is a ...