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This school is ridiculous. I have been enrolled for 2 years. I am only four months away from getting my degree. I was involved in an accident where I was run over by a van. I tried to stay enrolled in school during this time. My pelvis was broken and my tailbone. I had to learn to walk again. During this time I was still trying ...

Kaplan University (online)
Kaplan University, online, Kaplan marketed the same idea of education with only one goal in mind thier pocket book

When I first began to look at schools and came across Kaplan really thought god was in my corner that day. I have been on total disablility for many years and my doctor advised me to start slow, I would be going into unchartered waters. Kapaln was offering me online classes and would allow me to take two per quarter. Criminal ...

Kaplan University (online)
Is Kaplan University being Ethical? Ethics can be defined as the study of morality. Clearly defined morality means the values by which human beings live in relation to other human beings

"Morality or ethics, refers to how humans relate to treat one another in order to promote mutual, welfare and growth, and meaning or relating to good over bad and right over wrong." The main problem being with this definition there are indviduals of business's that to not equate the meaning (s) into an everyday practice. What ...

Kaplan University - Online Campus
Kaplan University On Line College Degree Programs Admissions Counselor & finaicial aid contacts defrauded a tuition rate and completed RFR form incorrectly

Kaplan University's admissions counselor Kandi Crowe fraudulently enrolled me under false tuition rates. Kaplan University's Financial Aid contacts James Minns, Jennifer Velasco, and David Levin all were involved with the formulation of the tuition budgets, all never called me on the phone to discuss anything with me regarding ...

Kaplan University - Online Campus
Kaplan School Let me go to school for 12 months and then said they submit my financial aid papers to FASA

I started with Kaplan University in Jan 2009, I was so excited that i was finally going to get my degree in my dream field. I submitted everything i needed for Financial Aid and Pale Grants and Student Loans if needed. I was approved for a full Scholarships with the Pale Grant. My Financial Aid ad visor at the time told me ...

Kaplan University Online
Is refusing to send me my diploma due to a past due amount which should have been covered by my student loan

I recently attended on line school at Kaplan University from March 2007 through November 2008. I finished classes and called the school in January of 2009 because I had not received my diploma. I spoke to a representative of the financial aid department and found out that I owe the school $8334, which was supposed to be covered ...