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Thomas H. Johnson

Thomas H. Johnson is an Attorney Out of Frisco, Texas. I was being sued by a debt collector that purchased an old debt and trying to collect on it. I know that it's difficult to get an outstanding result in such cases. However, Thomas had me look up his winning stats on some website he had. It looked very promissing. This ...

Always Healing People LLC I purchased 2 magazine subscriptions totalling $106.00 of which i paid $10 in cash and the rest as a check. I never received any magazines yet the company took my money

I had a very energetic young person come to the door and wanted me to buy a magazine subscription to earn him money for a trip overseas. The magazines were supposed to be delivered by Christmas (120-160 days). I completely forgot about the magazines until we were unpacking after moving to Florida. We never received the ...

F N T Inc. Magazine subscription ripoff

Two guys came by my apartment December 4,2006 in Austin, TX. I bought ESPN the magazine from them for $40. My girlfriend at the time wrote them a check and I gave her the cash. Never received the magazines and numerous calls to the number given resulted in a 'disconnected message' or just an answering machine. Left several ...

Still nothing after almost 2 yrs

Young guy came to the door on 4/21/2006 and convinced me to buy 2 magazines at a price or $134. He evn put $1 of his own money in because cash gave them more points than a check and I didn't have any. So my check was for $133.00 and it did clear the bank on 4/26/2006. A year later another came around from a different company ...

Never Recieved Magazines after one Year!

Ordered 2 sets of magazines for my children and never recieved them. No phone number to reach them and I am out $98. One set was a gift for a niece. This is a scam and I will never buy anything from kids claiming to go on a trip or save for college. Too bad as I am sure there are some legitable organizations out there but I ...