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Automotive Warranty Services, inc
The Mechanical Repair Services Con. Paid a platinum plan warranty, car break down by no fault, was denied of coverage!

My husband paid a top of the line plan to cover his Honda S2000 car. The warranty stated that it will cover everything listed on the forms for no cost if purchase "The Platinum Plan" and if the miles are not over. He drove the car and accidently shift to the wrong gear. We took it to the dealer because of some noise and end up ...

Motor Warranty Services Of North America
Supplemental warranty "Vehicle Care Plan" or VCP administrator non-existant Or Los Angeles Or Torrance or California

We purchased a Hyundai for our daughter in August 2005 from Power Hyundai (went out of business...) in Torrance, CA. The dealer encouraged us to supplement our Hyundai warranty with a VCP (Vehicle Care Plan), which would cover any service on the car not covered by the Hyundai Protection Plan. So, through the dealer, we bought ...