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Capitol One Auto Finance

Someone applied for an auto loan on line using my information. The loan was denied, but they had all my information. I had applied for an auto loan at my bank (desert schools credit union) on the same day someone tried online. ...

Capital One Auto
Sold car without notification

Capital One Auto Finance sold my car with out informing me. I was 45 days late on my payment and they started calling my job and cell phone every 15 mins. (claimed system issues) I surrended but explain to rep that I wanted my car back but I could not take the 2 weeks of harrassing calls to my job and home. (one rep told me to ...

CapitalOne Auto Finance
Will not give me a pay-off notice... Ripping me off on late and " other " fees that their Rep's promised to remove from my Account

Okay here's the deal with my experience dealing with Capitalone Auto... First the invitation to a $30,000.00 auto loan came in the mail and there terms were borrow it all or as much as you need and pay it back in 60 installments. I accept. Mistake number one. Accepting the loan.. The dealer takes my down payment and then hands ...