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Andrew maron

Http:// Maron an Oral Surgeon in NJ just recently last year had his Dental License REVOKED. He and sister Valerie Schwabb played a DEADLY GAME WITH NJ DENTAL BOARD pretending to patients to be DR Marc Weber Manalapan DENTIST & his WIFE. They allegedly traced WEBERs' Signature to back date Medicaid & ...

A Perfect Smile Dentistry - Dr. Mariner - Dr. Weber - Whitehouse Dental Associates
Financial Theft, Fraud and Professional Malpractice ripoff

I went to "A Perfect Smile" dental office for a consultation for Invisalign. Later that same day after the consultation I called "A Perfect Smile" and left a message with the receptionist telling them that we decided not to go forward with invisalign and that we would see an Orthodontist. I even went to the office the next day ...