Address: 3250 Wilshire Blvd #210
Complaints, reviews, scams and fraud reports

Tele-Ten Marketing, Robert Lee

This company solicited by fax. I checked out their references that they provided and I recieved favorable responses from the people they provided. They were obviously "plants". Stay away from this company. They lie, cheat and steal. Sales person jason davis tells you what you want to hear and tele-ten does not honor. I was ...

Teleten Marketing

Teleten Marketing located at 3250 Wilshire in LA, Ca has ripped me off for $750. They beg for your business and then once they cash your check do not follow through. I bought 30 leads-got 5 (which were all bogus) and didnt receive the other 25. I have mailed aletter, emailed and left at least 25 messages to voicemails without 1 ...

Fraudulent Advertising Ripoff

Teleten marketing is somewhat similar to a “Boiler Room”. Our Company had came across teleten's website on January of 2005, the site was promising, so the office manager tried to inquire price, and quality control procedures. However, it should have been a RED FLAG when Jerome Haynes from the sales department called ...