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Terry L Allison
Cheater womanizer player!

Don't trust Terry L Allison II! Terry Allison II is a womanizer. He is a player! He is a cheater! Terry Allison will break your heart after you tell him you love him! Don't waste your time on this jerk. He will get you to have sex with and you will fall in love with him and then when you tell him you're in love with him, he ...

Perez Hilton
Terry Allison biggest jerk in the world - america's most eligible bachelor lol! A-hole jerk player cheater womanizer heart breaker two timer scumbag lose

Terry Allison is a horrible cheater whore! He is a jack ass and sneaky bastard who will break your heart so stay away from him! Terry Allison will get you to spread your legs wide wide open and then when you tell him you love him, he will disappear! He won't return text messages, phone calls, or emails no matter how many you ...