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Merchant Data Systems
Money for Merchants Avoid this company! They use shady taxes to rip off whoever will sign their contract

ArtWorks, The Naomi Cohain Foundation has done business with Merchant Data Systems since October 2003. As a charity we were seeking reasonable credit card March, 2010 we decided to renegotiate our contract because, as a charity, we wanted to see if there was any way we could save some money on our processing. Sam ...

Merchant Data Systems
Attempted to charge fraudulent fees in violation of contract, attempted to extort unauthorized fees in violation of FTC regulations

If you have a complaint about merchant data services, inc, aka merchant one payment systems, you need to contact the florida state attorney's office (850) 414 3990 immediately to increase the chance of action against merchant data services. On 4/3/07 Merchant Data Systems (MDS) committed fraud in deducting a fee of $99.00 as ...