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Sweepstakes Clearinghouse
Office of the prize award headquarters they sent me a letter says that Congratulations Hanaa you won 10 million dollar sweepst akes clearinghouse giveaway and they sent me also 6 credit vouchers different prices they asked me to pay for a

I just received 6 vouchers with covering letter it says congratulations please read this letter carefully, as you have been awarded a consolation prize. And they claimed me to pay like $400 for each voucher to get laptop with camera etc..., i think it's a real scam because i checked the vouchers numbers online it came an error ...

Sweepstakes clearinghouse
Worse ripoff eve

They cash the check and never send the item. When i call to ask they didn't know what i was talking about. So where are my $139.00. So they told me to send them proof of the bank. This is the worse ripoff ever. They dont have the phone number on the vouchers and its very hard to communicate. ...

Sweepstakes clearinghouse
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse sold me an H. P. Lap top computer. It was sold as refurbished, it was not! I did not realize

Any way, i have my own personel cd/dvd player/burner. I never used my lap tops dvd/cd. When i did, it did not work. So i contacted H. P. There response was whoops were soory but your 90 day warranty is expired. During this time, i had problems with connections. So i did some investigating on my own. I went into my computerand ...

Sweepstakes clearinghouse
Playing with the hopes and desires of less fortunate peoples need to feel they, re getting great deals on lifes little luxuries

I feel pretty dumb, falling so far into this, what turns out to b a scam! It started innocent. I bought two necklaces. They came fast and i was happy, THEN, i started putting things on lay-away. I did go too far, being a single disabled mom, but the cosys seemed good and i wanted sum stufg. Starting w, a comp. I soon added an ...