Address: 12305 University Blvd
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The employees are rude to drive thru customers, bullies, mean, and managers aer unprofessional and liars who do not assist those with health issues

Why on earth do food service workers feel they can mistreat or bully customers and get away with it? It's oen thing to have bad customer service but flat out mistreatment and negativity for no reason is just wrong but it's never to rarely stopped. This is a huge issue, maybe for some but in this case... Have to post this ...

Lunatics and psychos who make handing a simple drink to a customer a huge ordeal—simply whacked employees and yell at customers and harass them too

Like many ppl in the area im sure i go to this mcdonalds a lot—mostly to get a drink. NOthing big u think. You go thru a drive-thru, order a drink and leave. Not at this hell of a mcdonald's with the kind of psychos working there. I've had this problem there numerous times and have complained. First off, the person taking the ...