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Refresh Dental
Lied to, and improper cap

Very poor... I went in to get a crown in which a temporary cap was put on first and was to come in later for the crown. The first temp the tried to put on was brown and lied to me saying that was the lightest color they had. I was upset went to the bathroom and came back and magically they were able to a lighter color. But, the ...

Accredo pharmacy

Accredo pharmacy the wost pharmacy to ever have to deal with they put you through to so many different people before you get to the one you need to talk to about getting your medications filled. I only have to use them because it is required by Anthem blue cross blue shield insurance company. I have a copay assits to help pay ...

Family doctor
Billing practice

Our family Dr. Is also charging an additional 25.00 per visit (max 3 per year) if we don't sign up for a tiered plan that is an additional 400.00 to 2000.00 per year, and calling it administrative fees, this is in addition to our regular co-pay, this has been forced with no option but to find another Dr. They call you into the ...