State / region: Texas
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Thomas H. Johnson

Thomas H. Johnson is an Attorney Out of Frisco, Texas. I was being sued by a debt collector that purchased an old debt and trying to collect on it. I know that it's difficult to get an outstanding result in such cases. However, Thomas had me look up his winning stats on some website he had. It looked very promissing. This ...

Solicitation of Prostitution

TOPLOP gives out one's personal email address, then one gets personal letters of solicitation of prostitution. TOPLOP refuses to remove the people sending solicitation of prostiyution, and make the one complaining feel like the criminal. The girls are paid a percentage of the cost of each letter to make one'e continue ...

Joey cole

I got a charge of 78.64 on my credit card that I did not ask for and dont even know it got on my card, I talked to someone about two weeks ago and they said they would refund the charges and the charge is still on my bank statment ...

Charles Christopher
Theif and Scam Artist

Charlie is the biggest fraud/liar I have ever encountered in the construction (or any other for that matter) industry. They have 0 employees in the field. They subcontract their work to the first person that answers their Craigslist ad. Either the person does "decent" work but Charlie can't pay them what he owes, so he strings ...