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Luther Sales
Ripoff Scumbuckets

I mistakenly bought a apple iPhone 6s Plus from this ripoff company. I needed a new phone so I bought one from them because they had a ninety day program and you get a discount for paying off early. They sent a form saying I would be paying 2000 if I made all payments of $49.00. I didn't worry about it because I was going to be ...

Tate and Kirlin Associates, Inc
Who are these guys, or...who is this guy, this a company or law office or a loosely veiled THIEF?

YEARS AGO, as in more than 10, a small time rip-off based credit card company and I had a disagreement. You know the story, the total disputed amount AT THE TIME: just under $500. Once the Vice-Versa Visa card company* calculated its outta nowhere grabbing-for-the-largest-pile-'o-money listed as fees, charges, penalties, etc. ...