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The "10" and their gang of bullies

To all of you that harass me: I have had enough. You people are sick to keep harassing people the way you do. You steal my name, post pretending to be me, make up disgusting things about me and I have had it. You call me a stool pidgeon and accuse me of things I have not done, and that I have multiple usernames that I dont ...

CHARTA Publishing
They steal money from ARTISTS

Publishing House "CHARTA" located in Italy and in New York and leading business all over the world, publishes books in the art field, for artists, art critics, and anyone involved in the arts, fashion, photography business. Normally, they would publish a book using the means of the artists (or critic, depends who actually is ...

Reader's Direct

These people called me and got me to sign up for magazine subscriptions. After they charged $80 on my account, I tried to cancel. They kept "trying to work something out" by extending payments, etc. They refused to cancel my account. I had to cancel my cc just to keep them from getting any more money from me. I had asked, ...