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L Dingo
Refusal to honor website pricing

I have wasted almost three weeks time, and disappointed many others due to the false sense of integrity JCWhitney has in honoring purchases made. In that period I placed an order for an Aries Grill Guard in which the site stated it was In Stock. After a number of days sale was cancelled for reasons that it was found not to be ...

'Crack Fries"

I CANNOT understand why a chain restaurant would ever, under any circumstance, want themselves to be associated with crack cocaine. The name 'Crack Fries' and what it implies is, in my mind, unacceptable behavior for a major business. I will never patronize HopCat due to this BLATANTLY juvenile, tasteless attempt at making ...

Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots LLC (BAS)

I found this Buy and Sell Cemetery Plot on the web site five years ago. It advertised that it would do a marketing/advertising program with a slide show of photographs of the burial plot and maintain a constant call screening center in which client's property is advertised to potential buyers. The manager was in such a hurry to ...